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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Amazon launches web storage service

Amazon launches web storage service:

Amazon S3 (which stands for "Simple Storage Service") is a new web service that basically extends Amazon's huge data storage and transfer capabilities to web developers at large for a fee. "Amazon S3 enables any developer to leverage Amazon’s own benefits of massive scale with no up-front investment or performance compromises," goes the press release. Storing data with S3 costs $0.15 per gigabyte per month and $0.20 for each gigabyte transferred. The service is intended for web developers only, meaning it can be accessed with common APIs but not directly by end users, but files of any type up to 5GB may be stored and each file has a unique URL. It even has a built-in BitTorrent interface. It looks great for developers that have big ideas (and big data) but don't have the resources to build a big infrastructure themselves

Mozilla Lightning calendar for Thunderbird

Mozilla Lightning calendar for Thunderbird:

Lightning is a new component for Mozilla Thunderbird that is a complete redesign of the Calendar extension, and the first version has just been releasedy. Having tried Calendar and being unimpressed, I'd say this is good news. Lightning promises better integration with Thunderbird including e-mail-to-task integration, address book integration, meeting invitations, and synchronization with portable devices. Lightning 0.1 is currently available as an XPI extension for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it will eventually be fully integrated into Thunderbird.

Google Finance launched

Google Finance launched:

Google took nobody by surprise today with the launch of Google Finance. The new financial portal is pretty slick, with a similar feel to Google Maps. Stock charts are powered by Flash rather than AJAX and have a very flexible interface. Along with all the usual info like market cap, volume, and so on, Google Finance also annotates its charts with recent news articles and even blog and newsgroup chatter. One feature I found cute is the "Management" are of the page that lists the company's higher ups—if you hover your mouse over one of their names, a little headshot of them will pop up. Ironically, when I hit the page for Apple (AAPL), it showed no photo for Steve Jobs, possibly the most-photographed CEO in the valley.

Install XP on Mac video tutorial

Install XP on Mac video tutorial:

I have to wonder what it's like at Apple right now, what with everybody and their grandma installing Windows XP on their Intel Macs. Are heads rolling? Are doves being released into the sky? Do they even care? Well, if one thing's sure, it's that installing XP on your Mac is only going to get easier, ergo this video tutorial from UNEASYsilence, which donated $500 to the cause. The tutorial is about 12 minutes long, formatted for your iPod (a higher-resolution version is coming soon), and pretty easy to follow.

Iron Sudoku

Iron Sudoku :

I've found a great new Sudoku site called Iron Sudoku. While I'm still partial to the version's mousewheel-driven interface, Iron Sudoku's non-Flash interface (yes, that's AJAX you smell) is easy to use and efficient enough for speed-players. It also has two different color markers, red and green (hold Shift or Ctrl, respectively) and lets you save your progress at any point (and I'm told autosave is coming soon). Most interestingly, Iron Sudoku is social software, so while you're playing you can chat with players around the world who are working on the same puzzle, and sometimes it's nice to know you're not the only one pulling your hair out hunting for hidden subsets. There's one puzzle per day and completing a puzzle wins you points—10 for Expert, 5 for Hard, and so on (but rankings unfortunately won't be enabled until April 1, unless I've been fooled). Signing up for Iron Sudoku is free, but paying members (a one-time $14.95 fee) get a few extra features like a friends list and account customization.

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